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Certificate in Structured Professional Development (CSPD)

  • Date:
    2-6th September
  • Time:
    9am - 5pm
  • Location:
    The Institute of Podiatrists
    Clinical Training Centre
    150 Lord Street
    PR9 0NP
  • Tutor:
    Martin Harvey

  • Cost:
    Price on enquiry


As the governing and accrediting body of the College of Foot Health (CoFH), the Institute of Podiatrists (IoP) role  is to ensure that the Colleges certificate of  membership is only granted to practitioners who meet, and continue to meet, the highest standards of professional foot healthcare. We recognise the need for  existing Foot Health Practitioners who may come from training routes other than the Colleges own level 4 professional diploma, to be able to gain membership of the CoFH via accrediting their provable prior learning and safe practice. This is the function of the CSPD course which uses structured study of the Institutes publications of ‘An introduction to the Foot and its common problems in the Adult (Book 1)’ and ‘The Foot, a professional learning companion – Questions, Answers and Workbook’(Book 2) plus one weeks intensive practical clinical training at an IoP centre under the guidance of an experienced and accredited IoP tutor podiatrist.

The Course Structure

Delegates receive the two books as above upon completion of the registration process and course payment. Immediate home study of book 1 should be commenced to ensure that the delegate has knowledge consistent with the course requirements. Book 2 should be browsed to gain general familiarity with its structure as this will be referred to and used in tutor-led sessions during the week of the course at an IoP training centre.

Every day of the week will commence with a tutor session that homes in on a particular section of questions – and answers from book 2. The remainder of each day will feature delegates performing ‘hands-on’ clinical treatment on real patients attending the training centres clinic, such treatments will be closely monitored by the  tutor and supportive and definitive guidance and assistance will be given throughout the practical days. Small groups (Max 4 delegates) ensure that a tutor is always physically close at hand to monitor, advise and guide as required. All tutors are degree qualified, HCPC registered experienced podiatrists with recognised adult teaching qualifications.

At the end of the week, graduates will be confident to commence practice as a fully recognised member of the College of Foot Health and can then start to enjoy the support, camaraderie, insurance, and numerous other benefits of CoFH membership. As a member of the IoP ‘family’, CoFH members are welcomed at local and national meetings, networking and education events. IoP and CoFH members enjoy subsidised reduced fees at CPD events and can join our Higher Diploma and Advanced Practice further education and training.

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