FHP career and prospects

Role of an FHP

A Foot Health Practitioner’s (FHP) role is to provide people with professional general footcare to help to avoid the development of problems that may have an impact on their health and mobility.

You will be trained to deliver the correct type of maintenance and care to the feet, dealing with problems such as corns, hard skin and thickened nails either as an independent practitioner or working within the wider more acute foot health arena alongside podiatrists who deliver medical care to the feet and associated structures. You will be carefully trained to understand, recognise and refer on the more severe problems to your podiatrist colleagues.

A caring career

Most people will develop foot problems at some stage in their lives, and as the average age of the population increases, so does the demand for the services of Foot Health Practitioners. The services provided will range from relatively minor disorders to major disabling problems.

When patients present in discomfort and you, as a Foot Health Practitioner, are able to alleviate, prevent, or correct these disorders, great satisfaction can be derived from this and the gratitude expressed by patients following treatment.



More trained Foot Health Practitioners are required not only to accommodate the population increase but also to promote awareness of preventing and treating foot disorders.

Just as importantly, with the decline in foot treatment available under the NHS, there is now even more need for Foot Health Practitioners.

Every patient is different and during your career you could meet and care for hundreds of people.

Working independently, within a business, running your own business or alongside a Chiropodist and/or Podiatrist, your new well-paid career is waiting for you!

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